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15 Beautiful Bathrooms

Colonial Restroom

Modern Colonial bath, natural grays and white. Tabberson Architects through Home Lot
Take in peace in this white colonial bathroom. Featuring bold lighting, beautiful marble tile, and smart storage area, this is someplace we can all picture ourselves relaxing after a long, tough day.

Colonial bungalow household house by Tabberson Architects

Cool Farmhouse Restroom

Fresh and rustic, this farmhouse-style bathroom is fantastic if you like a rougher, cooler design. The ruffled shower curtain, the wooden racks, and the tin water can are the best accessories for this inspired bathroom.

Rustic Stone And Wood Restroom.

Work with the natural colors of nature by utilizing natural stone and recovered wood. The contemporary faucets in the shower and sink bring a trendy contrast to the warm, rustic design of this restroom.

Beautiful Beige Restroom.

Beige doesn’t have to be dull: this gorgeous contemporary bathroom is the proof. A freestanding tub set on smooth stones, green plants and natural wood shades make this space as welcoming as it is elegant.

Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom.

Industrial doesn’t have to be cold. Add a little farmhouse touch, and you have something that’s both stylish and pleasant. Keep the commercial touches light and include some greenery for some organic warmth.

Train Tile Bathroom.

The simplicity of train tile is one of the reasons it’s so popular nowadays. This timeless bathroom decor is basic, tidy, practical, and welcoming. It’s the best design for a guest bathroom or a bathroom utilized by the whole household.

Bathroom with train tile accent by Kate Lester Interiors.

Infant Blue Restroom.

This beachy child blue restroom uses soft neutrals to bring a sense of calm and peace … simply as if you were resting on the beach. The patterned shower drape and little beach-inspired details just bring the room together.

Restroom With Strong Floor Tile.

Often all you need is a bold floor tile to make a statement in an otherwise tidy and simple white bathroom. This complexly patterned tile contrasts beautifully with the basic white rectangular shapes on the wall, and the clean appearance of a straight white shower curtain.

Attic Bathroom With Koi Wallpaper.

A touch of Japanese design makes all the distinction in this small attic bathroom. A couple of pieces of koi wallpaper bring a sense of peace and calm and inspire the other gold accessories in the space.

Attic bathroom by Susie Lowe of The Pink House.

Restroom With Bright Blue Patterned Tile.

The seamlessness of this bathroom is given you by a clear glass-enclosed walk-in shower and a constant blue tile that bridges the shower and sink areas. If you want to provide the illusion of area, do not separate the wall in small pieces!

Little Bathroom With Walk-In Shower.

Small bath– White, black accents. Pierre-Jean Verger by means of Apartment 34.
This Parisian restroom might be small, but it loads a punch when it pertains to work. An alcove walk-in shower sits behind the sink for optimal area usage, and the notes of wicker and wood make the entire warm and inviting.

Little And Practical Bathroom.

Little doesn’t indicate it can’t work, as this small but useful bathroom shows. The sideways placement of the tub, good usage of wall area, and the bath caddy all aid supply all the space that’s needed to take a shower without feeling cramped.

Bathroom With Diamond Pattern Wallpaper.

The large mirror and strong pattern wallpaper make this little restroom appear larger than it really is. Why believe that a little space means nothing fun? This bathroom shows that you can have big design in even the tiniest area.

Psychedelic Southern Restroom.

This bathroom speaks for itself: trippy marble pattern wallpaper and an animal skull ask for all the attention. It takes a bold mind to attempt this, however dare we say it really works?

Unnoticeable Walk-In Shower.

Tiled walk-in shower. Inside Out through House Treatment.
If you want to make your bathroom seem bigger, turning your walk-in shower into an unnoticeable feature will definitely help with that. Utilizing a clear glass wall, minimal shower hardware, and the same tile all over the floor and walls, this design makes the shower basically vanish in the background.

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